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November 11, 2008
Hughie Weisenberger
- Fargo


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» Delete all records using this IP : Tracy, lets practice up on "Putter Pluckin". Cont. Got to Billings MT thereafter, 58 degrees and sunviser down cuz the Sun was sooo bright. Motorcycles pull up aside ya. Go Figure!!! Got to Lakeside MT and Adopted a new pet. A 3 legged Sumoyed Huskie who could no longer survive running in the mountains with his syblings. Lost his leg at 2 days old and doesn't even know it is missing. And "WE" have it tough. He has Great Teeth tho so maybe he knows somtin bout... Well, did ya hear bout da golfer from CA who BOASTED TO MUCH---@#%&* Needed his Putter Plucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get Da Picture.....