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November 11, 2008
Hughie Weisenberger
- Fargo


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» Delete all records using this IP : Hello "ALL"!!!! Well did we start up again or WHAT!!! Love It... I left Bis. 9:30 AM Nov. 6 enroute, Flathead Lake MT. (Fishing). 3 Hrs from Glen Ullin to Montana line. Convoy of 9 4/Wheelers. WOW, a "Perfect Storm". Sorry George Clooney, I came out the other side. All I could think of was GREEN GRASS for our fellow NDs in the west in the spring. You also Tracy. (Stan, ah, YOU SUCK). Did ya hear bout the CA Golfer who BOASTED TO MUCH about his great weather. He came back to ND in 2011 and got his Putter Plucked. HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!