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May 31, 2008
Donna Dockter
Santee CA

  Christ, last time Stan & I went to a movie it cost us $7.00 a ticket and a large popcorn and 2 sodas cost us $16.00! We decided from now on we'd wait until it came out on DVD!
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May 31, 2008
christ gerr gcgerr@bektel.com
Tuttle ND

  Webmaster have a safe trip to our wonderful home town.
Just another thing to bring back memories we just got home from the movie in Wing just like the old days but now we can go on sat. night. The ticket prices haven't went up much $4.00 for the ticket another $1.00 gets you pop and popcorn.

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May 31, 2008
Hughie Weisenberger
Fargo ND

  Wow, wonder who that little birdie was. Have a Great B'Day sister Carla. Hey Crazy lawnmower dude, the race is not an official function of the Reunion therefore has not been sanctioned by any of the committees. You'll have to do this on your own, far away from the rest of the pack cuz no one will want to take responsibilty for what might happen. Sorry Tracy, we got an inch and a bit the past 2 days. Wish I could give it all to you guys.
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May 31, 2008
Stan Dockter stan1118@cox.net
Santee CA

  Wow! Carla actually caught me at 60 and you might just pass me you GO! GIRL Happy Birthday!!Tracy, Hows the Breeeeezzzzeee?? I just added about 500lbs. of BOOKS to the Motorhome to hold it down in the breezey conditions is that enough?? Oh yea, Due to higher GAS prices the price of BOOKS HAS DOUBLED maybe TPIPLED not sure yet? haha FOREEE!! see ya soon..
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May 31, 2008
Tracy Magstadt four mag@bektel.com
Tuttle ND

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY--cuzzin' CARLA-- sure glad you're only 60 cuz that makes me still 50--- for 6 years now. Have a great day. Go out and enjoy a great American born and raised steak!!!! Joni is wondering if you're 60, does that make Scotty 62???
Stan--- still no rain for us ,bring some along with that hot air mass!!!!! Foreeeee!!!!!
See ya all soon.

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