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March 31, 2008
Hughie Weisenberger
Fargo ND

  Leave it to a 71er (Christ Gerr) to set things straight. Who Better. I am Humbled and say, AND I QUOTE,"Yes Joni and Sherolyn, you were right and I was wrong. The Class of ~^%#* cough, choke.... Rocks". What, WHAT!!. I got most of it right, didn't I?? That's the best I can do for right now. While you gals were winning Track Championships the guys were winning Cross Championships. Great Years for the THS Trophy Case. Coach Jansen made us all toss lunch from time to time. Guess that's what makes Champions!! Wish it would have been easier, but nothing ever is!!! With Humility offered, I now retire for the evening.
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March 31, 2008
Myra myrabek@bektel.com
Tuttle ND

  It seems Coach Thielges said that WTR Legion Baseball hurt the Tuttle athletes as the Robinson players always got the Wing and Tuttle BB players partying too much. That couldn't possibly be true. I never attended so many parties until I dated a Tuttle guy!
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March 31, 2008
Joni Almer Magstadt fourmag@bektel.com
Tuttle ND

  Boy-some of these bloggers get nasty, especially when they are relatives!!! Guess I won't be playing basketball and I have been training diligently for the event.
FYI-another THS tidbit, the girls' cross country team, started by Mr. Jansen, ran in the first cross country meet in the state. (correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm sure you will!!!)
As for Hughie, make that a chocolate lollipop served with a side of humility and the words, "Yes, Joni and Sherolyn, you were right and I was wrong, The Class of 72 rocks."
And thanks Christ Gerr for having a good memory and straightening Hughie out.......

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March 31, 2008
Marin Almer almer@wisc.edu
Fargo ND

  Just an FYI, any women who have not played organized ball in their entire life (boo-hoo) are definitely not allowed to play in the alumni game! That would just be plain crazy if the organizers allowed that chaos. ha J/K, this may be your ONLY chance!!
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March 31, 2008
Joni Magstadt fourmag@bektel.com
Tuttle ND

  Hey Shelly-this is what I remember about basketball for us-Class of 72. As seniors, we got to play about 3 games, no uniforms, no practices that I can remember, we begged the basic skills teacher to coach us or they wouldn't let us do it. She did not know much about bball but did it out of the goodness of her heart. One game I remember was against Woodworth and we lost 14 to 13. We sucked but I know we could have been really good Ya, right.........Now we'll never know....I think we missed out on a lot of fun, not having an organized team. Another blogger stated that Mr. Jansen thought it would be too hard on young ladies' bodies???? We used to run in track till we threw up so I find that ...
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